Bread, Salt and Wine — It’s a Wonderful Life

A significant milestone was recently reached at Bundoran Farm. The first residents, or as we prefer to call them “Stewards”, moved into their new home at Bundoran Farm. After years of effort and the support of so many, it was a true joy to see the newest benefactor of Bundoran Farm’s legacy landscape start to settle in and get ready to take advantage of the life experiences that await them on the farm and within the Charlottesville, VA region.

To mark this milestone, we borrowed a ceremony from one of my favorite movies “It’s a Wonderful Life” starring Jimmy Stewart. When Jimmy Stewart’s character, George Bailey, and his family welcome the Martini family moving into their new home, they spoke the following:

Here is Bread so this house may never know hunger.
Here is Salt so that life may always have flavor.
Here is Wine so that joy and prosperity may reign forever.

While it may not be the most memorable scene in the movie, for me it’s one of the most significant. It recognizes the importance of what we do as members of community development profession to create places of sustained social, aesthetic and economic value for others to enjoy.

Here is to the first resident of Bundoran Farm.

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