A Day at the Farm

Having really enjoyed my first week of working at the Baldwin Center at Bundoran Farm, I decided to go outside on this gorgeous spring day and take a picture of how beautiful it is. I go out the front door and start down the lawn when I hear this screeching sound and look up to see a “big” bird flying towards me. I ducked and it swooshed over the top my head and perched on the roof of the Baldwin Center, where it just starred at me. At that point I knew it was a pigeon, but wondered why it was agitated at me. As I started walking back to the porch it came at me again and landed on the ground where it proceeded to chase me inside. About that time I heard Leif pull up outside, so I went to the door and saw him looking intently at something. I went out and he said, “There’s a pigeon on my car.” Being the brave man that he is, he caught it, but when he let it go it flew back and just sat on his arm cleaning itself, very content. I think what I took as agitation was really just a friendly gesture that caught me off guard. He most likely just wanted to land on me, but I wasn’t brave enough to be still! It’s a very pretty bird and something tells me that it has an owner…. Anyone missing a pigeon?

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