2015 Southern Living Idea Home

1 presentation _ Layout

Lot I-2: 21 Acres of Beautiful Agrarian Pasture and Forest Preserve

House – 4495 finished sq ft 5 Bedrooms 4.5 Baths

Price :  $2,395,000

DeveloIdea House logosper: Natural Retreats

Builder: Jayson Collier, Summit Custom Homes

Architect: The Rosney Company Architects

Interior Designer: Bunny Williams Inc.


We are excited to announce that Southern Living has chosen Bundoran Farm as the home of their 2015 Southern Living Idea House! Each year, Southern Living looks to locate the Idea House in a different region of the South. Southern Living then selects a project team to develop one “Idea House” in the hopes of inspiring consumers to experiment with and refresh their own homes.

Bundoran Farm has been chosen as a vibrant representation of the central Virginia region, its lifestyle and of a cherished way of life in the South. From its unique agrarian setting to its deep commitment to conservation and preserving the land on which it exists, it is clear to see why Bundoran Farm is such a perfect setting and perfect partner for this project. As a member of the Southern Living Inspired Communities program, Bundoran Farm represents true life in the South.

The home will be available for the public to view starting in late June. Please stop by the Baldwin Center to view plans and drawings of the home. We really think it shows that Bundoran Farm is one of the best view shed communities in the Southeast.

This will be available for the public to view starting in late June. We have plans available at Bundoran Farm to see the conceptual drawings and floor plans as this home is currently under construction.

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    From the Design Review Committee

    It is a very exciting time at Bundoran Farm . We have never had more building activity than we do now! In our community we have six homes in some stage of construction and many more under design. All of this activity has strained the Design Review Committee (DRC) resources, so please allow ample time for project reviews; please plan on 30 days.   If you are thinking about a building project or adding any exterior landscaping, fencing, columns, posts, lighting etc. please come and talk to us, the earlier the better. Our team can provide guidance and advice to help your project go smoothly.

    The DRC has a great responsibility to uphold the design and aesthetic standards of Bundoran Farm, not only for current owners but for the next 47 owners as well.   If you are thinking about a project please come by the Baldwin Center or email us and we can send you copies of the Bundoran Farm Design Guidelines. These include The Pattern Book, The Green Book, The Natural Resources Management Plan, and the Residential Design Manual.   These documents provide the aesthetic vision, best management practices and process for design approval.   Please also note that additional guidelines may be developed from time to time so make sure to touch base with us before embarking on your next design project.

    You may notice DRC members out around the farm more often as we will be conducting more frequent site visits to ongoing projects. If any concerns are noted we will contact the owners and or their design team.   If you have any questions about ongoing projects please don’t hesitate to contact one of the DC members.

    The DRC is comprised of three appointees of the Founder, Fred Scott, Jr., Owner (fscott@ballyshannon.com) Matt Fitzgerald, Architect (matt@luchair.com) and Greg Jones, Landscape Architect (g.jones@naturalretreats.com).   Please contact Greg Jones if you have any questions or submissions. We look forward to working with you on your next project.

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      Bundoran Farm Fence Buffer Project

      It has been over a year in the making and the Best Management Practices Stream Buffering Project is now complete! Over 8,000 ft. of water lines, eight water troughs on concrete pads, a well drilled, a spring used, pumps and electricity hooked up, 22,000 ft. of woven wire fence, 36 gates and new stream crossing installed. The Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District completed inspections the week of 12/15/14 and the BFCA funds used for the project deposit were replaced as planned.

      The crews have been working daily (many times in nasty weather conditions) with the Natural Resources Manager in an effort to complete the project in its scheduled time frame.

      This project exemplifies the Bundoran Farm Community in its goals of environmental stewardship. Buffering cattle out of the natural water sources at Bundoran cuts down on the amount of potential bacterial contaminants that may eventually wind up in the Chesapeake Bay as well as minimizing the potential for stream bank erosion. Additionally, a fresh water source for livestock increases herd health and the new fencing layout allows for an effective rotational grazing plan.

      Currently, we are exploring planting ideas and additional grant options for the areas that have been buffered from livestock to continue efforts of stewardship within the riparian areas.

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        August/September Bundoran Farm News From Home Newsletter

        Catch up on the latest news updates for Bundoran Farm in the News From Home Newsletter just released for August and September. Find updates on real estate news, incentives and offerings, farm management practices, community infrastructure updates, Virginia Football Schedule and more! 


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          Natural Retreats Offers All Inclusive Lot Package At Bundoran Farm for 2nd Half Of 2014

          Following our most successful year in sales at Bundoran Farm, we are offering an all-inclusive package to all prospective land owners that purchase and close on their favorite lot before the end of 2014. If you purchase and close before December 31, 2014 your lot purchase will include:


          • 1 Free Natural Retreats Design Studios Workshop to aid in the design of your floor plan, exterior design, landscape design, house and site work orientation, etc. This is valued at $15,000!
          • Free 7 night stay at any Natural Retreats resort destination worldwide. Valued at $4,000
          • 1 Year of Free Annual HOA Fees at Bundoran Farm. Valued at $2,400
          •  –  1 Year of Free Quintessence Concierge Service by Natural Retreats. Valued at $2,500
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            Bundoran Farm Summer Newsletter

            Bundoran Farm Newsletter July-August

            Bundoran Farm by Natural Retreats is very involved with keeping its residents and prospective buyers up to date with its sales activity, farm and agricultural operations, events, future plans, and much more. Since spring 2014, Natural Retreats has been issuing a monthly “News From Home” newsletter to residents at Bundoran Farm as well as prospective buyers as a way to keep everyone involved with its daily, weekly, and monthly activities. Please check out the Summer 2014 (July – August) issue of Bundoran Farm’s News From Home monthly newsletter attached to this message. For more information on live working farms, conservation based communities, and land for sale in/around the Charlottesville area, please contact Josh Woodson, sales manager for Bundoran Farm at 434-260-4304 or by email at j.woodson@naturalretreats.com. Enjoy!

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              Local Food Hub Annual Partner Producer Meeting

              photo 1We are always delighted that the Local Food Hub comes to the Baldwin Center at Bundoran Farm for their annual meeting. This year’s meeting was held on Jan. 23rd, which a very cold Thursday!  A frigid start to the day doesn’t slow down the Local Food Hub or these local farmers and there was a great turn out for the annual event.

              The Local Food Hub is a non-profit organization that distributes food from our local farmers to our schools, hospitals, food banks, restaurants, nursing homes and more. To learn more about the Local Food Hub and find out how you may be able to get involved, go to www.localfoodhub.orgphoto 2

              There was much to be learned at this meeting and Bundoran Farm looks forward to continuing support and having the Baldwin Center for Preservation Development be a part of the annual Local Food Hub Partner Producer Meeting.   Also, thanks for lunch, it was excellent!

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                Bundoran Farm Wildlife Management Team Cookout 2013 by Jonathan Shannon

                What a treat! Jim Wynne and the Bundoran Wildlife Management Team held a cookout this past Saturday for our owner’s resident’s and neighbors at the Baldwin Center. The gathering was a great success and Jim’s cooking was fantastic.

                It was great to see such a crowd at the Baldwin Center to enjoy what would have been otherwise a rainy afternoon. Members of the team where in attendance to meet and share insight on our quality deer management practices here at Bundoran Farm for our owners and residents. We were also treated to a very informative presentation by Steve Owen’s, Wildlife Biologist for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

                This was yet another example of the way of life here at Bundoran Farm. Wildlife, culture, nature, friends, neighbors and good food! Can’t ask for much more on a Saturday afternoon. Thanks again to Jim, Steve, members of our Wildlife Management Team, owners and residents for making this annual event such a success!

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                  Through the Garden Gate 2013 by Jonathan Shannon

                  Bundoran Farm is proud to announce that Dorothy and Bill Tompkins and Mary and Bill Tillman’s gardens were chosen for the sites of the 2013 “Through the Garden Gate” tour on Saturday, September 14th.

                  There was a wonderful turnout to view the work our residents have done with their gardens. The Tompkins have made priority to providing native plants and perennials and extensive warm season grasses. Two large white oaks provide shade for ferns and other woodland perennials while the easterly facing lot provides many areas with full sun. The Tillman’s started with the challenge of only one tree for shade and a lot on the edge of an old red clay pasture. Over the years they have adapted to their conditions and created an excellent vegetable garden and many beautiful flowers.

                  Both the Tompkins and Tillman’s have spent countless hours working in their gardens and it is great to see they were chosen as features of this year’s tour. Props to you Dorothy, Mary and Bill’s!

                  Photograph of Dorothy showing the visitors all the hard work taken by Bundoran resident photographer John Foraste.

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                    Barn Owl’s Find New Home at Bundoran Farm by Jonathan Shannon

                    Thanks to Bill and Mary Tillman and The Wildlife Center of Virginia, three rescued Barn Owls (Tyto Alba) can now call Bundoran Farm their home. Bill has a Barn Owl box which he mounted in a tree on the edge of the Tillman woods, close to one of Bundoran’ s agricultural pastures. A conversation took place and Bill was in contact with The Wildlife Center of Virginia. http://wildlifecenter.org/


                    As timing would have it, the center had three Barn Owls that were ready for release back into the wild. So, the owls were on their way to Bundoran Farm. The habitat in which they were released at the Tillman’s is just what the Barn Owl likes. A field edge with good roosting sights, the agricultural pasture holds rodents (Barn Owls favorite meal) and a sufficient water source close by. The vantage point from the Tillman’s is ideal as the provided “home site” is atop the pasture hill which has a great and vast visibility for the owls.


                    Barn Owl’s in general are nocturnal and usually hunt at night. However, it is not completely uncommon for them to be out during the day. They have good eye sight in low light and excellent hearing. The opening of one ear on this bird is higher than the other enabling it the outstanding capability to locate prey at the ground level. Additionally, the disc like shape of the face acts like a type of radar dish deflecting sound to the ears. These are just a couple cool facts about the Barn Owl. To learn more; http://www.buzzle.com/articles/barn-owl-facts.html

                    The release was a success and there was an enthusiastic crowd gathered to watch the owls take their first flight at Bundoran. Way to go Mary, Bill and the Wildlife Center of VA team! Bundoran Farm looks forward to more experiences like this!

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